How long the time; how fast it goes.
How old are we and yet who knows
If old or young we really be
What measures old.  I think I know!
It isn’t the winters with all their snow.
It isn’t the pain in my back or knee
Nor the walk up the steps that is hard for me,
Or the tone in my ears that is not clear
As it once was in by gone years.
It is not that my eyes no longer can see
That robin singing in my mulberry tree.
These are not the measures of young or old.
Some younger that I have these, I’m told.
Then what is old?  I believe I know.
It’s time God gives us to live and grow
In wisdom, grace, and humility,
And to the best of our ablility
To use wisely each precious gift,
Make others happy and give them a lift,
To live each day the best we can,
To fit ourselves into God’s Great Plan.
Eva Wirth – 92 years old
September 22,1975