Today I got my 300 sets of bean bags cut up and ready to sew, so that’s 300 sets of six colors, two of each color is a set, so that’s a grand total of 3,600 bean bags to sew, flip, stuff and sew!  Crazy!!!  I also got pockets for Q-Chords cut up. For some reason I don’t feel like I accomplished much though.  I did squeeze in a nap with S and P though.  I’ve been tired today for some reason.  M made a hilarious commercial on cutting an apple.  She is so FUNNY!  We all enjoyed laughing. She actually had great inflection in her voice and facial expressions in her “How to cut an apple” video.  I see potential.  I also got an awesome box filled with bunches of great fun fabric from my Mom-n-Luv!!! Wow…so much fun and creating to be had with it. Will include pic one of these days.  Time to hang out and relax with everyone.  Today was the hottest day here this year, over 100.  Wish we were on a plane to AK right about now  🙂