Today was the first day we went into Ash Grove to look around some.  We went to the library and checked out what else was on the Main Street.  We went into the Trading Post and looked around. Found a few little things, and decided to get a 50 cent cup of coffee. Sounded good and I like to support small business. The kids asked if they could have one, and I said I would share mine with them. She gave us 5 cups!!!  10 cent a cup for coffee.  The kids were excited. Caleb stumbled across an ipod shuffle, new and sealed in the box for $20!  He called Aunt Kathy and asked her opinion. She said she’s buy it from him for $20 if he didn’t want it, plus the store owner said she’s take it back if it didn’t work as well, AND they didn’t charge him tax. Nice being a kid I guess!  So he’s super excited about that. We also ran into the Dollar General and looked around. Stopped and checked the air pressure in the tire at the Cenex station.  We all enjoyed the friendly people and small town atmosphere so very much. Country living is the life for me!!!