Picked up an audiobook from the library to listen to while sewing this week.  Jumping Through Fires by David Nasser.  It was excellent.  Here are a few quotes that really struck me.

“My friends and I thought we were rebels by conforming precisely to MTV’s definition of cool. We weren’t rebels, we were fakes.”

“As in all things in life, you have to be willing to give up your rights for the good of the relationship.”

“…redemptive power of gospel.  She was filled with good behavior with great intentions but it had only resulted in her being religious, not redeemed. Christianity is not about bad people becoming good, but dead people coming alive.  Her’s was repentance from self righteousness, mine was repentance from unrighteousness.  We both journeyed to the foot of the cross into the arms of grace.”

“Is this the person that will make me love God more?”

“Forsake religion for the God of grace.”