Ahhh…yes, our last Sunday in this house.  We are sore, at least Christopher, myself and C1 from loading the POD yesterday.  I told Christopher, I can’t imagine moving in 20 more years when we’re even older and crispier than now!!!  These bodies that fail us.  I was thinking about all the changes we have seen since we moved into this house in 2001.   Obviously, our family is larger  🙂  But, part of THAT journey has been my (and our) walk with our Lord.  I have gained  incredible sisters and brothers in Christ, gained accountability, and praying for each other.  Before we moved into this house, I had never prayed out loud with or for others, other than rote prayers at least.  That has been life changing!!!!  Lots of changes, lots of growth, some losses, (although not lost, when we know we will see them in Heaven again!!!).    I’m looking forward to following His leading more and more, even when it doesn’t seem easy.