The house is sold, inspections in and working on getting done. Looks like we’re movin’ on!  I could, and probably will, go a little crazy with everything on our horizon for the next few months. BUT – a little perspective in life can go a long way.  A dear friend and sister in Christ, wife, and mother of four called me yesterday.  She has cancer.  Not sure what type and all the details – but it all can change in a heartbeat.  I learned this young, in third grade my dear Grandpa Nelson died. He called me Snicklefritz and was everything a grandpa should be!  Our neighbor and close family friend, father of our friends, got killed in a plane crash…and the list goes on and on and on.  BUT it always focuses me back to HIM.  And the older I get that eternal perspective becomes more and more that lifeline and future HOPE we have.  It really does get me through some of that “stinky thinking” and the other weights of this world.  And for those that know Him and live there life searching His path – remember it.  Those that have heard His call or whisper and turned it aside – listen a little closer……  The PEACE and JOY it can bring is beyond comprehension.