So…my Dad and Mom crack me up.  Ever since I took a trip with my Dad out West ,when I was in about 7 or 8th grade, I realized my Dad was an eavesdropper. So bad, that he would shush me when we were in a restaurant, so he could “listen” to the table behind us! So -today I talked to them. They went out on a date to a restaurant last night, and they were eavesdropping together. Dad’s been training Mom, but he said that she stares and gawks too much.  She hasn’t learned the fine of art of eavesdropping!!!  Oh, I’m so proud!!! Ha! 🙂  They  make me laugh. I also love it when they get laughing so hard they can hardly talk. We were raised with  much laughter in our house!!!  A poem from my “Life Goes On” book.

A Child’s Eyes
Mommy, look!  A fairy light
I’ve caught within my hand.
Oh, a pretty little seed
Blowing across the land.
Mommy, look!  I think I found
A rock that’s made of gold.
My child, it’s what they call “fool,”
And worthless, I’m told.
Mommy, look!  A castle strong
Where little elves can play.
But, my child, it’s made of sand –
It will quickly wash away.
Mommy, look!  The leaves, they dance!
For God alone they twirl.
Yes, my child, I think you’re right,
For your heart sees the  world.
By: Laura Barmore