I’m back to sewing everyday now.  I think (and pray) a lot when I’m sewing  🙂  I was thinking about different influences in my life from little on.  It’s simply amazing how we are shaped and honed by those around us.  They can be close daily relationships, but it can also be observing and watching others. Even the chance meetings or seemingly small conversations.   Books, music, movies, and so much more also do that. It also got me thinking about this new age of technology and social networking.  It’s a blessing in so many ways to keep in touch with family and friends far away, or even a few miles away!  Most of the blogs I follow are people I never met, but they also hold influence on me.  It makes me thankful and makes me think of how I am using my influence in my home, and everywhere else. 

On another note, C2 and J performed a dance performance tonight. It was fantastic and lead to a family dance time!  Memories being created constantly. Makes me wonder what memories each will take away.  One event, but each family member can take a different memory away.