So much I could write about, so many times I think to blog something but w/o handy internet at my beck and call – I seem to forget!  So, will use a word document to hopefully rectify that.  I do enjoy having to walk up to either: one of my best friend’s house or sit in God’s beautiful creation to use the internet though!  During this transition time, I am realizing how very much I utilize the internet in day to day life.  With school we use it all the time to research and look up information.  When I or one of the kids is curious about something, the info is right at our fingertips. So, this also shows me how forgetful I am. If I don’t write it down, by the time I get to internet access, I forget it all!   
We started reading Little House in the Big Woods this summer and finished it right before we moved. So we started Little House on the Prairie.  God’s perfect timing, because I didn’t even think of the correlation of our move with the move in the book!  We have had fun making a covered wagon. See “Laura” and “Baby Carrie”?   
We had our friends over and watched the pilot episode.  
I have also been rather enjoying cooking here.  I have a microwave, crock pot, electric griddle, bread maker, coleman gas stove, and the grill.  It’s been fun getting creative with these.  Didn’t realize how handy the electric griddle, we were given by my parents as a wedding present for making lefse is.  Wow!  This morning J wanted to have biscuits and gravy.  We were able to make biscuits on the griddle. I rather enjoyed the challenge and fruits of our labor!!!
We  are still waiting to hear about our house we have under contract to get things finalized.