I haven’t blogged much, because quite frankly it’s crazy busy around here!  I have several big sewing projects I’m working on, and trying to get a head on normal work, but I seem to always be on a hamster wheel.

Our garden is producing and I have canned 14 quarts of pickles, 7 quarts of beans,  and few other items.  We also got two boxes of peaches and canned those -21 quarts. It’s been rather fun to get back to my “roots”, as living out here is so similar to how I was raised in WI. It also has given me greater appreciation for all the hard work my Mom did. I remember helping her cut veggies, wash, and prepare but not much of the canning process itself. Then this morning, I thought, I have to carry these all downstairs now!  I don’t remember helping her do that at all.  I don’t remember her complaining about the work, and she still doesn’t.  A great example for me.

We have also been blessed with great neighbors and new friends that are giving us their extra produce.  I just ordered  a pressure canner, Made in the USA, even Wisconsin at that! Yeah!!!

Another interesting thing from being out here is the money we have been saving on groceries. Since, we aren’t right in the city to go grab whatever we want when we have the urge, you end up doing with what you have!