I must admit I wanted to be a tomboy as a kid. Thought my big brother and Dad hung the moon, as they say.  Recently J has wanted to wear her big brother C2’s socks that Grandmama bought him.  Today she was wearing his clothes and now his pjs!  Hmmmm.  I’ve heard her say, let’s pretend we’re brothers….  I’m all for pretending but I also want her to value and appreciate that God created her to be all girl!  So, I’ve been telling her I want her to be thankful and excited she’s a girl, not something she isn’t. Up until about 10 or so years ago I always thought men had it so easy!  🙂  If only…..   I’ve changed my tune!  I now wouldn’t want that roll.  Men carry a heavy load and responsibility in the calling God intends for them.  So I encourage you ladies out there to pray and encourage the men in your life.  One of the blogs I follow has a great link to a prayer calendar for your children and husband. If you don’t have a husband or children, I’m sure there are some connections in your life that could use the prayers!
http://inspiredtoaction.com/resources/    Her free e-book   “Maximize Your Mornings” is great too.