Happy Screaming (yes, I stole that from you Ruth) came from the house today….  J lost her first tooth and is so very excited. Tomorrow she and I are going for our dental check up.  She has been so excited to go and asking every day if today is the day  🙂  The receptionist called to remind us today – didn’t need the reminder this time around!

 C1 painted this for me. We set up “fence painting” one day and he created this for me.  “Fence painting” is where I put some butcher paper on our chain link fence with clothespins, set some paints out, and let them create.   With some water nearby, it makes for an almost mess free painting time.

Yesterday, I put a bunch of craft items on the table and told the kids to create something.  M is the only one that really stayed and finished it.  (some friends stopped by and the rest were quickly distracted).  Isn’t it lovely?