My dear friend’s Dad posted this on facebook.   I read Francis Chan’s books Crazy Love and Forgotten God and thought they were excellent.  This link reminded me of my journey when I first moved to Alaska and was working at Subway. I was surrounded by strong Christians that lived and walked their life.  Most of them from this group  This Hope, or friends.  Anyway, one of them asked me, while doing morning prep of veggies, etc,  what I believed, if I went to church, etc. I replied “I’m a Lutheran.” She said, what’s that? From where I grew up and my life, I thought EVERYONE knew 🙂 I stumbled a bit and said, ah, well, I guess I’m not a follower of Martin Luther, I guess I’m a Christian. THAT started me on the journey Francis Chan talks about above.  Still on it…….and will be until Heaven.