40 Thoughts at Age 40

  1. Without faith, I would be lost in this journey called life.
  2. I believe relationships are our main purpose of being here. Be intentional with and take care of them. The first relationship to take care of is with God, the rest will fall into place when you have that one right!
  3. All people have a reason and purpose for being created, from conception to death.
  4. The way you were raised and your experiences in childhood become the foundation of who you are.
  5. Life is short, you are always one phone call away from a truly life changing event.
  6. Material things don’t matter, they can be gone in a second.
  7. People matter.
  8. I still love snow!
  9. When you have two children (esp. one of each), and are pregnant with your third, the most common question is, “You have the perfect family, why would you have more?”
  10. I’m glad social media wasn’t around when I was young!
  11. Working hard is becoming a lost art.
  12. I don’t know what working hard is! In a conversation with my Dad, he talked about someone hand digging out a basement, and carrying the dirt out with buckets!
  13. Imagination and dreams are still important.
  14. Having fun can be achieved while working and playing – it’s all about the attitude.
  15. Learning something everyday is important. Always have at least one book you are reading. Well, two, the Bible, and another one! Take time to read a mindless book for pure entertainment once in awhile. I’ll never get through my wish list of reading and people keep writing more!
  16. Music can bring back a time and place, bring healing, bring joy, and unite people of all ages together.
  17. Favorite smells: fresh baked bread, campfires, and sun.
  18. Taking time to look at and enjoy nature is important, revel in God’s creation and wonder at it.
  19. Playing games of all types are a great way to learn and spend time with loved ones.
  20. My brother says I write, like I talk – are you still reading this?  Half way done!
  21. I love to listen to people laugh. Especially my parents and kids.
  22. I still like to plan get-togethers and events.
  23. It’s hard when someone you think you know, changes quickly and becomes someone you feel like you never knew.
  24. Surround yourself with a few close friends whom really care about you and can tell you the truth. Be someone that thinks of others and keeps connected.  Give.
  25. Run away from bitterness – it hurts you more than anyone else.
  26. Forgive. Remember lessons learned and grow from them.
  27. As much as I’m glad social media wasn’t around, I LOVE being connected with people around the world. I love what you can do online and what can all be learned.
  28. I love building websites.
  29. I love to help others see the potential for building a business online. I think there has never been a better time to create an income from home.
  30. Children are some of the very best revealers of truth. Children bring great joy.  Having older children brings a new season, I enjoy the discussions and debates, learning from each other.  Having young children with teens is a wonderful thing. There is such innocence and fun that it allows the seriousness of growing up a balance.
  31. Take me fishing, I’ll be happy.
  32. Education is something that should never stop.
  33. The hard things in life are what make you grow and become strong.
  34. Never lose sight of who you were created to be. While things may change and shift, and different seasons come, stay true to whom God created YOU to be.
  35. Always look out for ways to encourage someone.  Sometimes the only encouragement I can offer is prayer for someone.  They may never even know it.
  36. A kind word and smile is the best thing to “wear.”  Especially remember this to those that live in your house. Isn’t it ironic we treat those we love the most, the worst sometimes?
  37. I find it interesting how people that profess the same faith, can believe God is calling them to opposite paths, over a common circumstance.
  38. Allowing God to plan our family size has been a beautiful gift and a faith grower.  We have eight children, and have lost a few to miscarriages. In 2016, I held the shell of our 12 week old baby in the palm of my hand.  Complete peace as I trusted in God’s will. Complete miracle as I witnessed His creation.  Complete joy and longing as I look forward to going Home and seeing those little ones. In some ways, I’m glad they don’t have to fight through this life which can be hard.
  39. There are still places and people in America where neighbors take care of each other and are always there for you when needed. We live in one of those places.
  40. I am looking forward to my 40s!  The last five years of my life have been my most challenging, yet my most growing years in many ways.  Looking forward to the next days and years. Hoping to pay knowledge and gifts forward to those God puts in my path.


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  1. Dorothy Nelson

    You do write as you talk, which is wonderful. I love it. Have a wonderful 40th and enjoy the day with your children. Play lots of games and enjoy the snow. Love you!!

  2. Jenette

    Beautiful! Such a random and bountiful collection, and how could it not be!?!? Happy Birthday!

  3. Ruth

    What a lovely list!
    I read #23 and thought, but oh, people you kind-of-knew can change into kindred spirits, too! I’ve had acquaintances I haven’t seen in years suddenly appear again with a shared interest and things just click. It’s such a fun feeling.
    And I so very much agree with #27. I definitely wouldn’t be the person I am today without the internet (for better or worse!) 😉
    Have a wonderful birthday!

    • Janet Stephens

      Ruth – that’s a great thought, and I so true! Yes, connecting like we can now is wonderful!

  4. Joy

    Perfectly describes your wisdom and fun!

  5. Holly

    Great words of wisdom!

    • Janet Stephens

      Thank you – and I’m getting the grey hair to adorn it!

  6. Sheila

    Love this idea. Turning 40 this year too 😉

  7. Connie Stephens

    Beautiful wonderful thoughts. As I read them I could see us sitting over a cup of coffee with the kids in the background. The house filled with the noises of family and love and you smiling as you told me your 40 thoughts. Agreed…you do write as you speak. Love you dearly my dear.

  8. Melissa

    Happy Birthday! and #10 for sure! 🙂

  9. Mary Kelley

    I enjoyed reading all of your thoughts and particularly numbers 13, 14 and 34. We do grow wiser as we age and how fortunate are we to work with little ones who remind us daily what’s most important in life. I just love my job and seeing the children smiling and laughing during my program Magic Music Time makes every day a great one! Music and movement truly are magical and such powerful teaching tools! 💕🏃🎤🎼

  10. Sarah Waddle

    So beautiful and authentic. Just like you, Janet. ❤️

  11. Chris

    Janet!! Happy, happy belated birthday, and congrats on this beautiful blog!! I love you and wish you so much happiness this year! ❤


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